Scallop & Leek Galette with bottle of Wild Bunch Riesling

Scallop & Leek Galette, Riesling and Lime Butter

Serves: 4-5 [3 scallops per dish]
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes

It should be no surprise that Riesling is THE wine choice with seafood! Especially scallops. Our Wild Bunch Riesling is fresh and zesty, with loads of citrus flavour that intensifies when enjoyed with this delicious dish!   It is the ultimate pairing – thanks Clarkey!


Sheets of puff pastry
1 – 2 leeks
50g butter
100 ml fish stock
100 ml Tin Shed Riesling
Salt & pepper
Japanese Scallops 12-14 roe off

Riesling, lime butter
250 ml fish stock
100 ml Tin Shed Riesling
1 – 2 limes
200ml stones green ginger wine
200 g butter
Salt & pepper


Cut puff pastry into round discs, place between baking paper and bake in a hot oven with a tray on top to stop the pastry rising too much.
Slice leeks and sauté in butter without colour, add fish stock and Riesling, cook till stock is reduced then season.
Place some leek mixture on the pastry disc and slice scallops on top, place in hot oven 175 Celsius for 2 – 4 min or till the scallops are just set, place on plate and sauce.

Riesling, lime butter
Place fish stock in a pan and reduce by ¾, add Riesling, green ginger wine and lime juice in a pan and bring to boil.
Add the strained fish reduction and cook for one-two minutes, remove from heat and slowly stir in the butter, don’t stop stirring till all the butter is blended in, don’t bring back to the boil or the sauce will split.

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