About Us

Line drawn illustration of old farm with child sitting with dog

Our Shed

Meet Dougie, Annie, Leo the Ridgeback and our chickens, Gin & Tonic.

Our shed and our heart is in Barossa.

We think we have been kissed on the bum by a rainbow living and working in Barossa. No doubt it’s famed for wine but when you live and work here you learn there’s more to be grateful for.

Like its community and the generosity and spirit of the people. Family and friends. It’s natural, pristine beauty. Obviously, the exalted position of this place in Australia’s wine history can never be underrated.  Tin Shed Wines is a small player in Barossa, but we’re determined to contribute and lend our support.

Shed People

Peter Clark smiling at camera with arms folded

Peter Clarke


Minister for wine.

Clarkey and his wife, Anne, founded Tin Shed Wines in 1995 and he has been making wine ever since.  He doesn’t mind a glass, and he can cook and fly small planes.

Claire Doughty smiling at camera

Claire Doughty


Minister for everything else.

Claire is busy wearing many hats –proprietor, general manager, office administration, marketing & sales manager, HR manager, IT manager, company secretary, fire warden, first aid officer, and mum!  She doesn’t mind a glass but prefers not to cook or fly small planes.

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